Welcome to Gia Donna's Secrets, your premiere matchmaking service . We are a private club of ladies who bring something extra to the table. We strive to provide an experience rather than just a meeting. Every model will have different schedules, rates, menu's so please check every individual ladies page. We are not all the same across the board. These ladies are not employed with us and we just provide a referral.

You can text anytime to 305-619-4365. Text is the easiest and quickest way to reach us. We do not answer phone calls, our phones are constantly ringing so the easiest method would be text. We also answer emails as quickly as we can at bookinggds@gmail.com. 



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We are going to start offering weekends for a limited time. 


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Email- bookinggds@protonmail.com


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Tuesday, October 6th 2020
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Friday, October 2nd 2020
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Friday, October 2nd 2020
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Monday, September 28th 2020
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Friday, August 21st 2020
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Friday, August 14th 2020
Bia Mauricio: Schedule Updated!
Saturday, August 8th 2020
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Monday, July 27th 2020
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Monday, April 6th 2020
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Monday, March 23rd 2020
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